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“You’re Glowing….”

We always hear of people saying “you are glowing” when you are expecting a little baby – and let me tell you something, I have been pregnant three times now & I can assure you there were plenty of times I did not feeling like I was indeed “glowing”.
But what does that word really mean? What is it to be glowing?
My own interpretation is this;
I think that pregnancy is the most breathtaking thing.
A woman beams with an unconditional love for her unborn baby that holds such an indescribable beauty.
She gives up control, & lets be honest, all ownership of her body for 9months all while a precious little life forms.
You fall head over heels with that little one, before you even meet them.
I think that glowing is something that all pregnant woman are; for how could you not?
I don’t think glowing means looking glamorous at all times – but it means to be at peace & in love with the miracle that your body is undertaking.

I believe that all mum’s should be in front of the camera, to capture this short & incredible time. I don’t mean to be forced into professional photos {of course, I would love to be there to do that for you} but even just on your own phone or camera.
You are a super woman.
And I can promise you this; you will want to remember this one day in the future – to remember what it looked like & photographs hold a powerful element of feeling & remembering.

For me, I barely took any photographs when I was expecting my first baby – I was overweight, hated how I looked & lets be honest – my hormones were nuts so pimples were a regular occurrence .
With baby #2, I was offered to be a model for another photographer, so thought “why not” – I also took weekly growing belly pictures.
And baby #3, I am sure she really wasn’t photographed enough in my belly 😛 {insert sarcastic voice here} – she had more than plenty of photos.
I look back now through all three journeys, and wish I had of been more open for my first. I get to remember how much I loved my belly. How much I loved knowing that my little one was growing inside.
It is a time of magic.
A time of growth.
A time of becoming a mother. First time, second time even the 10th time! It is a new journey each & every time.
Something that is the most precious gift in this world.
Treasure everything about it, even when you may have been in bed for days, not been able to keep food down, full of raging hormones or even when you’ve had like no sleep in days for this outrageous larger belly bump. For one day, I can assure you that you will miss those times.

I offer a very special package; Precious Moments.
That is “bump to baby”
My goal & desire is to capture exactly this – this very special journey you are embarking on.

Hope this has somehow touched you,
Or for those carrying a little one; I hope you know just how precious you are & how beautiful you are.
I should add here; a big shout out to all dad’s too – you play such an incredible role is this whole journey too. I am sure there are times they feel helpless or not needed. But trust me – any dad’s reading this – you are SO needed & so appreciated.

*Firstly I will say to my husband; without you it would not have been possible, secondly – thank you for putting up with me during those more “hormonal times” and thirdly, for the amazing support during pregnancy, baby’s arrivals & all the many countless days since then. We are a team 🙂

Ashleigh, thank you for the blessing to capture such an exciting new chapter that is now unfolding – I can not WAIT to meet baby M <3
Doesn’t she just look stunning.

CLP xx


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