The big ONE ~ Ellie turns one {Cake Smash} | BLOG

Can not believe it.

A whole year has passed by.

A little character is forming & my sweet Ellie has been a part of our family for ONE whole year now!

What a HUGE celebration it is. ONE whole year.
ONE year of reaching milestones, learning to talk, learning to do new things each and every day.
Making cute sounds, to saying your first words.
laying still, to not being able to keep you still!

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You have made us to very proud!
And I am glad God blessed me, and chose me to be you mumma!

Ellie blessed our little family, a 2nd daughter for me & my husband, and a little sister for Mahalia.

We could not imagine life without you in it Ellie, you are our sweet Ellie Belle <3

{Cake Smash celebration ~ a MESSY fun way to celebrate turning one}!
And she LOVED it & yes it got REALLY messy!!!!


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