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There is so much happening behind the scenes right now with CLP.
Over the past few months I have been busy sourcing beautiful products that will soon be introduced to my clients in brand new collections.
I am currently re-constructing how things are being done. I don’t want to scare you away and say “it is all changing” because I want this to be a journey you take with me.
I want to give you an experience that you will never forget; hand in hand with that comes beautiful, tangible products. Something physical you can hold in your hands to remember this time in your life.
For there to be something that in years to come, as generations pass, you can hand down to them. Let their memories be brought back to life, as they share them with their loved ones.
We will be offering new collections & products that include our brand new custom albums, large wall art, smaller gifts for family or mounted prints to place around mum or dad’s office.
I want to offer it all. And I want you to chose to invest into something that you will have forever.

Your images are so precious to me. So much love & planning is poured into them. But I know they are far more valuable to you and your family.
They captured a moment in your life that seemed to fly by so fast. A moment that your life changed, when you welcomed a new baby into the world. When you got married or perhaps it was special photos with the whole family because it has been way too long and all of a sudden mum and dad have 3 or 4 of you now! Time moves so fast, but photography gives the gift of freezing a precious moment forever.
My gift to you is capturing that exact moment so that in years to come, you can feel those warm fuzzy feelings like you are right back there, at the exact moment.
Here is a little peek at our beautiful new album that will be added to our collections.
There will be more and more to share as my samples arrive in the studio.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! And I thought I should finish with this… If you have had a session with CLP in the past years and your photos are still sitting on your CD or on your computer and they have not yet made it to your walls or into an album, or maybe you just don’t know what to do with them… Or time just seems to run away from you…
I have a very special offer while we are in transition and it is JUST for you for a very limited time!
*Message me now to talk more about this exciting opportunity*

CLP xx


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