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Today I wanted to share with you something that I hold dear:

My heart melts at the way my two beautiful girls love each other!

Mahalia is such a beautiful big sister to Ellie – she always looks out for her, gives her lots of cuddles, and is over-the-top excited whenever Ellie learns how to do anything new.

Ellie looks up to Mahalia so much, and they clearly have such a special bond. All it takes for Ellie is to see a picture of Mahalia and she gets all excited, wanting to know where “big sissie” is – she always frets for Mahalia when she’s being a big girl at kindy!
Mahalia’s big, sharing heart for Ellie is so obvious – she even prays for it to snow so that her baby sister can make snow angels, just like she got to in New Zealand.

It’s because of this amazing bond that the two girls have that I love taking pictures of them (plus they are incredibly gorgeous).
So much of my passion for photography is inspired by these two little misses – the warmth I feel inside, like my heart is going to burst with love for them, is what I aim to create for each of my clients when they see their own pictures.

Cassie Lou, sharing my love!

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