What you need to know

What you need to know before booking a Newborn Session

Just found out you’re pregnant?
It’s not too soon to start thinking about booking your maternity and newborn session.
Newborn sessions book up quickly, so best to get in early!

Once you book with me I will pencil in your due date, ready for that exciting phone call when your precious bundle arrives.

Newborn sessions must be completed before your little one is 14 days old {max}, and the best age is between 5-10 days (especially when mum and bubs are happy and healthy). Due to this small window of opportunity, it is important that you contact me as soon as you can to ensure your desired session time can be booked.

Why do we photograph newborns before they are 14 days old?

After the 2-week mark, babies become less sleepy and posing becomes more difficult. They then can often develop baby pimples around week 2/3 {due to the hormonal changes} & generally just become
more busy’ & awake more often.

(before 14 days they are still adjusting to life outside the womb).

If you are simply looking for a session and your baby is not far from due, or has just arrived, I will try my very best to prioritise your booking so that we can photograph before the 14 day mark.

I use natural light for newborn sessions and have a studio set up all ready for you & your baby to arrive. I have many props & different set ups & am always willing to try new things if you have any
ideas up your sleeve.

To prepare for the session:

~ Your session will go for approx 3-4 hours, which enables us to be calm and sedate. It also allows time for feeds and nappy changes.

~ Newborns photograph best in the nude {or just in a nappy & nappy cover, I supply the cover} , so unless you have a special outfit you’d like to use for a photo, there is no need to supply clothes

~ I will come prepared with all the props needed – blankets, wraps, beanies, headbands, etc for you to choose from (in addition to any special items you have at home, of course)

To prepare your baby:

~ A well-fed baby is a sleepy baby!  It’s best to feed your baby as close to the session time as possible, I always encourage mum to try do their feed when they arrive in studio, this allows us time for a little chat while you feed,
then allowing us to move right into the photos with a happy, sleepy baby!

~ Roughly 1 hour prior to the session, loosen your baby’s nappy slightly. Also avoid putting them in mittens or tight socks. This will reduce the visibility of any lines, marks or reddened skin for their nudie shots.

~ Don’t worry about milk spots, baby acne, little scratches, etc. I am able to either eliminate or drastically reduce these minor blemishes as part of the editing process.

~ If your little one has dry skin, try moisturising them on the morning of their session as this will soften their skin and help me when I begin editing.

To prepare yourself (and any other family members):

~ I recommend that all people who will be photographed with your baby wear dark coloured bottoms and a light coloured top. It’s also best to avoid wearing any busy or bold patterns.

~ Siblings can wear a light coloured top, and one that’s tailored to the baby’s gender works best.

~ Keep hair and makeup simple.

~ If you would like photos of hands and/or feet with the baby (among my favourites in the newborn session), please ensure nails are tidy, nail polish is even, etc – images are quite close up.

…and finally, for peace of mind:

I always use Safe Practices for our newborn sessions and ensure all equipment is clean and sanitised. My hands are always cleaned and sanitised before I touch your child. Babies are never posed in positions that are unsafe or that put them at risk of injury. All poses are done in a way that is within their natural range of movement, and we like to pose them with arms and legs in close to the body (similar to how they are in the womb).
Safety for babies is a MUST!

This session is intended to be special for you. A relaxed, warm atmosphere is best. Some babies take longer to settle than others, and often that’s how our first hour is spent. Try to stay calm if the baby cries; they are fed, warm and clean so you know they are ok. Babies can sense stress, so your calmness will help them to settle, as well as allow you to enjoy this experience. If you think bubs needs something during the session, please let me know – after all, you know them best!

I allow plenty of time for newborn sessions, so it’s fine to take our time and not rush. If we need to break for a change, top-up feed, cuddle, or anything else, that’s all perfectly normal. I want you and your family to enjoy this experience, as we capture the essence of the special bond between you and your baby.

~ I want to provide you with a piece of art that you will love and cherish forever ~


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