New Beginning….. | Adelaide Photographer

Ok, where do I begin.
Some of you may have noticed things have been very quiet around here for the last few weeks…

I have been running my very own photography business now for a little over 3 years. In this time I have met so many absolutely beautiful families. I have made friends with some wonderful people & I have been honoured to capture the lives of new precious babies. I have been blessed to capture the first year of some of those little ones.
I have worked from my home during this time, in a set up & pack away studio {in my living room}
For years now I have dreamed of having my “very own space” One that I can turn into a beautiful environment, oozing with my love & passion for my work & for treasured time spent with all my clients.
I don’t ‘hate’ the space I have worked in for so long, as the memories I have captured are wonderful… But I have always wanted so much more… I have wanted to give more & for my clients to enjoy the space with me….

Well, yesterday was a very bittersweet day, as it was to be the very last time I set up my studio in my living room, in our rental house.
We have lived here for over 5 years now, and it has been home to us & seen three of our little girls live the beginning of their lives there…. It holds many dear memories & holds many occasions that I will treasure forever.
I have met so many beautiful people throughout my job & personal life here….

It is with GREAT excitement that I announce BIG changes coming to CLP!

On Friday just gone, we picked up keys to our VERY FIRST home! We spent the entire weekend prepping & painting ready for new flooring to be installed today & tomorrow.
Thursday a few more things will be done… and on FRIDAY this week we make the BIG MOVE!

Not to worry ~ we are only moving about 10-15 minutes away from where we live now. My studio will be in my new home, BUT… I will have my very own studio room, with an attached en-suit & storage room. It has a big beautiful bay window & is so much bigger than the space I am used to working in.
I already have visioned my dreams bursting into reality as I have spent moments in there over the weekend.
I am also blessed enough, that with the large size of our house; I will also have a new, separate office!

{For all my clients booked in with their little ones; I can not wait to share this excitement with you & I can not WAIT to meet many, many new families as they walk through my door}.

Here is a little look at the new space. There is before any work had been started…
The walls were all re-painted over the weekend & today, the new floor goes in!

Over the next week or two… I will begin turning this space into my dreams!!!! Seriously, my mind is literally exploding with passion & ideas!
I will have plenty to share along the way…..

Thank you to all of you for your continuous love, support, encouragement & investment into my still-growing business.
I wouldn’t be here today without you

{There will be a few “opening specials” once it is all officially set up, so make sure you stay tuned for what is to come….}

CLP xx

{Photo 2 – Old Studio – Photos that I will always treasure; for they are my stepping stones….}




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