Miss M | Children

I love Mahalia. She is such a special, clever, crazy girl, bursting with personality!

I come from a big family, so Mahalia has always been surrounded by a million people. Because of this, she is very confident and social, noisy and fun, and tends to really stand out in a crowd. We’re on a first name basis with the lady at the fruit and vege shop now, simply because Mahalia decided that she was fun to talk to. And invite to our house for dinner. Every time we see her.

She’s a quirky little miss as well, and seems to have a never ending supply of unusual one liners (“You’re a dirty trash can full of poop!”) and unique obsessions – she loves Transformers, and has named two of her goldfish Bumblebee and Megatron (for some reason the third one is called Smurfish!).

Not a day goes by when she doesn’t bring a beaming smile to my face, and all those around her.

Some of the photos here have captured some of the unique things about my precious Miss M.

photocrati gallery


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