Maddison | One year old | Adelaide Portrait Photographer

Capturing a little ones first year is a big part of my job.
A part that I adore so much.
I get to meet precious children at just days/weeks old, then I get the honour of  following their journey throughout their first year of life.
I love how much they grow and change.
The little personalities they develop
And the stories mum and dad share with me of that first year.

How lucky am I that I get to document that and gift it to parents to hold dear for a lifetime…
Long after that first year has passed.

Today I had Maddison in the studio for her 1yr old portraits.
I can not believe how fast that year has gone by!
It was wonderful to see her big brother Riley again, and also her mum and dad.

Here is a peek at her special set up today in the studio.

CLP xx



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