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“Into the woods”

Ami & Gavin have been on a long, emotion filled journey for the past 5 years.
14 rounds of IVF.
They have endured so much heartache during this time – but they were NOT giving up!
They knew they were destined to be a mum & dad… and that is EXACTLY what they prayed for.
The time came….
It was positive.
They were going to have a baby!
After so long; their prayers were finally going to come true.
It was the time they had longed for for so long… Preparations began to get ready to be a mum & a dad!

When I spoke with Ami & Gavin about what it was they wanted to remember from their sessions, this was their response;
“Just how much love we already have for this little Miracle. She took us 14 cycles of IVF over 5 years. We are very honored that she choose us.”

We spoke about their dreams, their visions & what it was that they wanted captured so that they had it to hold dear for many years to come.
Baby Zara was to be their miracle baby. They could not believe it was finally going to happen.

During the session planning process, Ami told me that they have a woodlands theme all ready for their baby girl’s nursery.
They wanted to in some way incorporate that into both the Maternity & Newborn Portrait sessions. {As it was also included in her baby shower}.
Their Maternity session was set in a beautiful Forest; and I put together something creative on how we could also bring it together with her newborn shoot.

I want to share with you some beautiful photographs from these two sessions. I know that these photographs tell an incredible story for this family and they will truly be treasured forever.

Ami & Gavin; Congratulations. I am so thankful that your prayers were answered.
I want to say that your vision for the sessions came true; the love you have for her is so strongly evident in every photograph with her. Inside & out of your belly.
I’m also sure that if my assistant photographed you behind the scenes at the newborn shoot; people would see that smiles did not leave your faces the whole time!
Pride and love beams from both of you.
May you enjoy every single part of your journey as parents.
Through the sleepless nights, poo explosions, to those beautiful first smiles and little cooing sounds – and follow through her whole life.
There is so much joy to come for you and I can not wait to see that all unfold.

Many Blessings.

CLP xx


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