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When did we lose that innocence of imagination?

A little personal post today.
No one likes to shout to the world their problems.
And this by NO means is a post about that!
Because, let’s face it – we all have something going on in our lives.

Let me just say, these past few weeks have been a testing time for me, & my family.
Things have gone far from plan.
Everything seems to be either breaking or going wrong…
And, I am sure the list could seem endless at times….

This morning, while trying to get my eldest ready for school worrying about being late or making sure her bag was packed…
I was watching Aubrey from the kitchen window while she danced freely across the yard.
She opened her wings RIGHT out & was flying!
She was a super hero. As well as a magical creature.
Nothing else mattered to her in this moment.

I snuck to pick up my camera.
I took a few sneaky shots, then started to engage in conversation with her.

Aubrey is such an intelligent young girl. She is full of life, and is FULL of personality.
But in this moment, all she wanted to do was to fly, and be a superhero girl. She was completely mesmerized with who she was and with what she was doing.
She continued from one end of the grass, to the other.

She has a bruise on her face, that I am sure still hurts.
She has a little cut on her finger {that at times, it has been like murder to her}
And I am sure if she decided to, she too could list of “all her problems”

It truly gave me a sense of coming back to reality for a moment. Or in fact, did it make me want to forget all of that?
I needed to feel grounded again. To find my feet.
And to stand tall, proud & strong.
Not in just one area, or the area I’m struggling in, but in everything I do & all that I am.

Sometimes the innocence & imagination of our children, can tell us some very important messages. Or maybe it is just telling us to take a deep breath, because everything will be ok.

I have so much to be greatful for.
And although I want to scream from the mountains at the moment, especially with the newest news of our broken air conditioner –

I had to question myself… how could I be mad? What does it really matter in the BIG picture… These things happen in life.
What matters is this. This beautiful little face that always looks up to me. That always loves me & cares for me. Always knows that I will care and love her, and that there is nothing to be worried about.

Be thankful for what you have,
And truly accept the things you can not change.
Work hard on the things you love most, and you may just surprise yourself.

Take yourself to a simple mind.
Enjoy that freedom that our kids constantly remind us is right there in arms reach.
And why not grab a blanket and even a mask if you wish, and go fly around your backyard for a moment or two…

(C) 2016Cassie Lou ~ Photography



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