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* CLP’s New Studio *

Oh my word! How can it be that the last professional photographs I shared with you of my new studio were when we first moved in! I mean, they were all exciting times when we were painting, re-flooring, moving in boxes filled with props & then came the task of “how do I want to set it up?”

Well let me tell you, it has changed a few times in the nearly 11 months since moving in….
For those who know me well, know that I love change & I get itchy feet rather a lot.
So keeping things the “same old same” gets a little boring for me.
I also keep thinking of better ways to work the space I have, while also buying new props, samples & furniture that all need a place to belong.
I won’t lie here…. I am already finding myself wishing that my studio was like 10mtrs wider & longer so that I had even more room to design!
But then I bring myself back to being incredibly grateful for what I have been blessed with… & also remind myself that one day bigger opportunities await as my dreams continue to grow.

Although while I am in the midst of still creating samples for my new space, I am in love each & every time I walk in there.
It bursts with beauty.
With freshness…. & with endless creative opportunity.

I was so blessed with a brand new studio space & a separate office when we bought our very first dream home & I do not think that the excitement I get each time I get to welcome in another client is going to wear off anytime soon.

Here is a little look into the set up that is currently happening in CLP’s studio!
Stay tuned as I continue to share with you beautiful new products to add to our range & packages.

CLP xx


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