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So I must start with saying, I am sorry.
My poor little website – especially my BLOG, has been incredibly neglected over the recent months with moving house, saying goodbye to 3 of our loved ones, Christmas, busy life with our three sweet girls – I am sure I could probably add a million more excuses! Let’s make it clear – life is so busy!
BUT – I’m owning it. And starting today, I will start blogging again. One BLOG post for each shoot I do {And in my “spare time” I plan on going back over the past months to share some favourites with you} And even now & then I would love to share from a more personal view – about my family, some of the crazy things we get up to & so on.

I am so blessed each & every day with my job. Not only do I get to meet so many special people, but I get to give them a gift they will have to treasure for a life time.
Let me just let that sink in for a moment…

That fact right there really hit hard when my husband & I were at his Grandpa’s funeral last month.
We sat through the slideshow of pictures, playing in the background was some beautiful music.
The photos started from way back when he was just a wee boy, they told a story of the many events in his lifetime.
They captured who he was, what he loved, how he spent his time.
It shared with us his successes through life.
It captured the moments that changed his life.
The day he got married
The arrival of his beautiful children.
They showed us his family. And the family that kept expanding.

As we watched, tears streamed down our faces.
For me, some different reasons were added too as I began to reflect deeply about so many personal feelings.

It was after the slide show had come to an end & we’d said our last goodbye… that my husband said to me;

“Today, I have the greatest love & appreciation for what you do.”

That hit so deep within me.
I knew I always loved my job.
I knew that I loved to meet new people, cuddle sweet new baby’s, let out my creative side.
I knew that I enjoyed capturing those cheeky toothless grins, or even that first kiss of husband & wife.
That precious moment between two, while they are waiting on the arrival of their precious baby.

But what does it all mean? Why do I love it so much.. & I mean really, really, love it?

It is because I am giving a gift.
A gift that in years to come – will tell of your story. It will share of your life. Of the times in your life that changed & shaped who you are. It will tell of what was/is important to you.
It may have captured when you became parents. Got married.
Those first moments of your little family, all together.
It will tell of you.

When I first began running my business – Cassie Lou Photography – I came up with the slogan “Capture your story”
When I thought of that, I think it came to me in seconds.
This was through experience of documenting the lives of my sweet girls.
But now when I think about what it truly means, it holds such a deep value, that sits closely in my heart.

For one day, when time has passed & our lives move forward – we will always have these moments.
Captured still in time.
To remember as if we were right back there – the love, the joy, the new beginnings that we experienced & have always treasured so very much.
I knew that taking a million photos would one day mean that when my little girls were all grown up, I could get a box of tissues out & sob over the joy we have experienced.
And how special is it that I can share that joy with each of you, in your own unique way.

So what is your story? What do you hold dear to you?
Has it been far too long since you have had your family photos taken?
Is your home bursting with photos for your children to see.
My walls are filled with stories of our growing family. Of the cheeky faces of my three girls – & it shares of the beautiful friendship they share.
Start picking up your own camera & take those photos that we all say “OHH that is a PERFECT 21st photo” That I am sure my kids will one day hate me for.
And teach your children how important is it to treasure these moments that pass so fast.

Hold close to what you have been blessed with & never lose sight of why you hold it so dearly.

Here is a little glimpse into my beautiful; crazy filled world.

CLP xx


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