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I take nothing about my job for granted.
There is something so special that is hard to put to words about my job.
I get to work with such precious new lives. Sweet little newborn baby’s that are sometimes just days old. There is so much trust that comes from the parents. And knowing that they select me, really does mean the world.
I adore the special moments I am able to capture that I know parents will treasure for a life time.
I get to see the bonds being formed between mum, dad & their precious new child. That love that continues to grow as each day passes by… I get to imagine into the future with them as we talk about the dreams they have for their child/ren.
I get to talk with brand new mums who are just making it through each day, between feeding, pumping & trying to nap.
I get to share my experiences as being a mum…
What an amazing opportunity to pass on one single piece of advice that may make the world of different to them.
I am honoured to be able to touch lives through the passion of mine that is my art of photography.

I adore the looks of love they give as they gaze into their precious little face.
I makes my heart happy & as I edit through each session, I smile ear to ear with pure joy & admiration.

Thank you to all of those who give me this opportunity, I just want you to know how dearly I hold it to my heart & how much each of you means.
I look forward to meeting many more family’s as the years go by.

CLP xx

Meet one of my many wonderful family’s ~ Shannan & Rodney brought their precious little Zoe into my studio just a few weeks ago. She may have been my most dreamy newborn to date. She was a wonder to work with.
It was wonderful spending a few hours with their family, what beautiful people they are.
Zoe is going to be one loved & cherished little girl.





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