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~ Hello ~
I am Cassie

I am a professional photographer, located in the city of Adelaide, South Australia.
I specialise in & am passionate about capturing photographs in the natural lighting.

Throughout my website you will be able to view many samples of my current work.

I have a huge love for people & love being able to personally work with them.
My sessions are never rushed & I try my best to keep all sessions as relaxed as possible.
I always aim for natural, authentic photography that you will cherish for a  lifetime.

Now… A little bit about me….
I am 28 yrs old, married & have four beautiful children; who you will see pop up throughout my site.
Mahalia, Ellie, Aubrey & our sweet baby boy, Harry.

Photography is my passion, to capture love & to create memories.
I love to be able to tell a story through my photography.
I cherish nothing more than that warm, love-filled feeling you get when you see your images,
having captured something that is precious to you, that you hold close to you heart.

My favourite part of my job  is getting to spend time with others in our stunning locations.
There is just something special about photographing outdoors in beautiful surroundings,
from the amazing colours to the relaxed atmosphere.
I love being able to express my artistic side through my photographs,
but most of all, I love the excitement that comes when clients preview their images for the first time
~ it is such an amazing feeling to know that I have captured people in the way that they truly are ~

Many Blessings




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