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~ JOY ~
What a magnificent word!
It can mean so many different things to each & every person…
When I think about Joy & what it means to me, I instantly think about all the joy my two precious girls bring to my world!!!

Each & every day we experience SoOoO many things together.

These photos specifically capture the Joy of learning…
In the past few days Ellie has learnt to clap her hands!

I was SO proud & SO very excited ~ we waste away many hours of the day just singing &
encouraging her to clap her hands!

{any mums viewing this will know the pure JOY these things brings to us}
Big sister Mahalia was just as excited as me! Helping her to practice her clapping!!!

~ JOY ~
{~My Girls ~ Learning ~ Loving~}

What comes to mind when you think of Joy?

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