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Together, you & I spend time planning and envisioning your precious session. We talk about who we are photographing, what they like. What your children’s favourite songs are.
If this may be baby #1 for you. Capturing the journey to motherhood perhaps?
We build up the session to be something that will always be remembered when you look back at the photos I capture – we create a relaxed & enjoyable experience for you, your partner & then your family too.
I truly feel passionate about starting to look at how I can best help you to display these timeless photographs around your home, or to gift to loved ones too.

Children gather a true sense of belonging & meaning when they see images of themselves & their family surrounding them.
It shares the importance of who they are to you. But it also shares the love of your family with all those who see these.
You are investing money & time into my services, that I want you to have something up that shows this experience with me.
Those big smiling faces or even those precious first moments as a family with your new baby.

Here are just a couple of ways to display your images – albums, prints & announcements/cards.

How do you vision seeing your photographs?
Perhaps an album on your coffee table.
{Maybe even an extra for nanna’s house}….
A gallery of framed prints in your formal dining room. Or canvas’ hung down the hall.
What about a special big print in the nursery?
Have you thought about sending out birth announcements to your friends & family to celebrate the news of your little ones arrival?
Whatever your vision, let me help make it come true.
I want to work with you, to create timeless art for you to cherish forever.
Something that one day you can hand down to your children that they can hold dear as a memory of their childhood.

Included now in EVERY session is two of these beautiful 5×7″ prints in an 8×10″ matte frame. I am including these as I begin transitioning into offering more products & stem away from just the digital files.

I know for some this all seems so overwhelming when it comes to things like;
“Who do I print with?”
“What size prints should I buy?”
“Where is the best place to hang them?
“What photos go best with each other?”

I am certain the list gets long, and overwhelming. So it then gets pushed aside, for another time.
Maybe when you hire my services, you already have a vision for your photos?

Holding that CD in your hand gives you the choice to do as you wish with your photos & I do understand that.
But along with life getting busy & sometimes that CD being put in a draw – I have a passion for what I do, why I do it & how I do it.
I know that this may not appeal to everyone. And that is ok.

I want each photo I take to be seen by the world – to be loved & cherished for the generations to come. I love each family I meet & I adore the memories I am blessed to capture.
Why is this?
As a working mum I know things get a little crazy.
But at the end of each day, as I tuck my beautiful girls into bed, I am reminded of what is truly important to me. My family.
I have many photos displayed around my home, this creates so much discussion with my girls as they reflect back on the different experiences we have had.
It creates conversations about “where they fit in” – a photo I have in my office currently is my maternity session with Lucy Jane.
My littlest is in my tummy, and you know what – she ALWAYS wants to talk about it.
About how she was a baby in there. And she already had two big sisters that loved her.
She asks me questions about why I picked that dress. What we did that day before the photos. How long it was until she was born.
And all of my girls do this throughout my home; I LOVE that they create memories, but that they also remember things down to tiny details just by looking at a photo of themselves.
I want to do this for you.
To create discussions of how loved your little ones are.
Let’s face it – our kiddies are “see it real life” sort of kids. They see things, then they believe it.

This is why,  behind the scenes, I have started planning what products I want to offer you.
Working out how I think I can best help each of you, but to also be flexible to tailor to each individual as I know we all have different visions & different homes.
As I continue to do this – I will share more with you.
I want to take away the hassle of having to design displays of your art, but to also help you figure out how you can best share your images in your home.
And lastly, I want it to be a part of your experience with me. To create that excitement of seeing your photos in real life. Big or small.

As I begin transition into offering you more – I would love some feedback as to what products you think would be most appealing to you?
If you were to think of a session you have had with me, or if you were to book one now – where & how would you display your photos? Why would you do it that way?

*Even those who have had a session in the past – I still have photos on file. It is never too late to display your beautiful art in a timeless manner.
Please contact me if you would like to discuss this – email at

Pictured in this post are; my matte framed prints & a fine art album.


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