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    It is my hope that through the things that you read and see, you will be able to understand the passion that I have for artistic expression as I capture your story through photographs.

“You’re Glowing….”

We always hear of people saying “you are glowing” when you are expecting a little baby – and let me tell you something, I have been pregnant three times now & I can assure you there were plenty of times I did not feeling like I was indeed “glowing”.
But what does that word really mean? What is it to be glowing?
My own interpretation is this;
I think that pregnancy is the most breathtaking thing.
A woman beams with an unconditional love for her unborn baby that holds such an indescribable beauty.
She gives up control, & lets be honest, all ownership of her body for 9months all while a precious little life forms.
You fall head over heels with that little one, before you even meet them.
I think that glowing is something that all pregnant woman are; for how could you not?
I don’t think glowing means looking glamorous at all times – but it means to be at peace & in love with the miracle that your body is undertaking.

I believe that all mum’s should be in front of the camera, to capture this short & incredible time. I don’t mean to be forced into professional photos {of course, I would love to be there to do that for you} but even just on your own phone or camera.
You are a super woman.
And I can promise you this; you will want to remember this one day in the future – to remember what it looked like & photographs hold a powerful element of feeling & remembering.

For me, I barely took any photographs when I was expecting my first baby – I was overweight, hated how I looked & lets be honest – my hormones were nuts so pimples were a regular occurrence .
With baby #2, I was offered to be a model for another photographer, so thought “why not” – I also took weekly growing belly pictures.
And baby #3, I am sure she really wasn’t photographed enough in my belly 😛 {insert sarcastic voice here} – she had more than plenty of photos.
I look back now through all three journeys, and wish I had of been more open for my first. I get to remember how much I loved my belly. How much I loved knowing that my little one was growing inside.
It is a time of magic.
A time of growth.
A time of becoming a mother. First time, second time even the 10th time! It is a new journey each & every time.
Something that is the most precious gift in this world.
Treasure everything about it, even when you may have been in bed for days, not been able to keep food down, full of raging hormones or even when you’ve had like no sleep in days for this outrageous larger belly bump. For one day, I can assure you that you will miss those times.

I offer a very special package; Precious Moments.
That is “bump to baby”
My goal & desire is to capture exactly this – this very special journey you are embarking on.

Hope this has somehow touched you,
Or for those carrying a little one; I hope you know just how precious you are & how beautiful you are.
I should add here; a big shout out to all dad’s too – you play such an incredible role is this whole journey too. I am sure there are times they feel helpless or not needed. But trust me – any dad’s reading this – you are SO needed & so appreciated.

*Firstly I will say to my husband; without you it would not have been possible, secondly – thank you for putting up with me during those more “hormonal times” and thirdly, for the amazing support during pregnancy, baby’s arrivals & all the many countless days since then. We are a team 🙂

Ashleigh, thank you for the blessing to capture such an exciting new chapter that is now unfolding – I can not WAIT to meet baby M <3
Doesn’t she just look stunning.

CLP xx

(C) 2016 Cassie Lou ~ Photography


* CLP’s New Studio *

Oh my word! How can it be that the last professional photographs I shared with you of my new studio were when we first moved in! I mean, they were all exciting times when we were painting, re-flooring, moving in boxes filled with props & then came the task of “how do I want to set it up?”

Well let me tell you, it has changed a few times in the nearly 11 months since moving in….
For those who know me well, know that I love change & I get itchy feet rather a lot.
So keeping things the “same old same” gets a little boring for me.
I also keep thinking of better ways to work the space I have, while also buying new props, samples & furniture that all need a place to belong.
I won’t lie here…. I am already finding myself wishing that my studio was like 10mtrs wider & longer so that I had even more room to design!
But then I bring myself back to being incredibly grateful for what I have been blessed with… & also remind myself that one day bigger opportunities await as my dreams continue to grow.

Although while I am in the midst of still creating samples for my new space, I am in love each & every time I walk in there.
It bursts with beauty.
With freshness…. & with endless creative opportunity.

I was so blessed with a brand new studio space & a separate office when we bought our very first dream home & I do not think that the excitement I get each time I get to welcome in another client is going to wear off anytime soon.

Here is a little look into the set up that is currently happening in CLP’s studio!
Stay tuned as I continue to share with you beautiful new products to add to our range & packages.

CLP xx


A little more of a personal post as we are quickly approaching my sweet little A’s 3rd birthday.
It’s in these precious moments of reflection, looking at these sweet memories that I say to myself, in a slightly crazy & hesitant voice… OH I want more sweet babies! {yes, my husband may not be so keen}
I adore these moments that pass so very quickly & I am blessed to have them documented in photographs.
* Thank you to Lucy who has always captured my family so perfectly. She has documented so many milestones in our lives, that I will honestly treasure for a lifetime. My girls are growing up way too fast! And I love that I have the joy of looking back over so many photos that tell stories as if it were just yesterday.
I am only just NOW looking over & editing some of the images she took for me; no wonder my desire is greater for proving my clients with that next step to “just the digitals”… these files have sat on my computer for now two years, untouched!!!!! When they should have been on my walls all this time, or in beautiful albums!!!
Life gets so busy and in a glimpse things change.
I have folders on my computer FILLED with precious memories. Some more professional & most just “as they were”.
I have photos all over my walls & shelves filled with albums.
I now realise I am a tad behind as life has gotten more crazy!
I am passionate about creating memories just the same for my clients, for I know just how precious they are.
In that moment… And in the many years to follow.
CLP xx
  • Josh - July 13, 2016 - 8:32 pm

    Awesome Cassie! nice candids. Lovely to see..
    Wishing you and family a great year ahead. Keep up the nice work and continue inspiring..ReplyCancel

    • Cassie - July 27, 2016 - 5:08 pm

      Wow thank you so very much for such beautiful words.

      CLP xReplyCancel

“Into the woods”

Ami & Gavin have been on a long, emotion filled journey for the past 5 years.
14 rounds of IVF.
They have endured so much heartache during this time – but they were NOT giving up!
They knew they were destined to be a mum & dad… and that is EXACTLY what they prayed for.
The time came….
It was positive.
They were going to have a baby!
After so long; their prayers were finally going to come true.
It was the time they had longed for for so long… Preparations began to get ready to be a mum & a dad!

When I spoke with Ami & Gavin about what it was they wanted to remember from their sessions, this was their response;
“Just how much love we already have for this little Miracle. She took us 14 cycles of IVF over 5 years. We are very honored that she choose us.”

We spoke about their dreams, their visions & what it was that they wanted captured so that they had it to hold dear for many years to come.
Baby Zara was to be their miracle baby. They could not believe it was finally going to happen.

During the session planning process, Ami told me that they have a woodlands theme all ready for their baby girl’s nursery.
They wanted to in some way incorporate that into both the Maternity & Newborn Portrait sessions. {As it was also included in her baby shower}.
Their Maternity session was set in a beautiful Forest; and I put together something creative on how we could also bring it together with her newborn shoot.

I want to share with you some beautiful photographs from these two sessions. I know that these photographs tell an incredible story for this family and they will truly be treasured forever.

Ami & Gavin; Congratulations. I am so thankful that your prayers were answered.
I want to say that your vision for the sessions came true; the love you have for her is so strongly evident in every photograph with her. Inside & out of your belly.
I’m also sure that if my assistant photographed you behind the scenes at the newborn shoot; people would see that smiles did not leave your faces the whole time!
Pride and love beams from both of you.
May you enjoy every single part of your journey as parents.
Through the sleepless nights, poo explosions, to those beautiful first smiles and little cooing sounds – and follow through her whole life.
There is so much joy to come for you and I can not wait to see that all unfold.

Many Blessings.

CLP xx